Cosmetic and Concierge Pricing

When considering plastic surgery each patient and procedure are unique.  Pricing can vary based on individual needs, and patients will receive detailed pricing during a consultation with Dr. Graham. The  pricing listed below serves as a baseline. In an effort to better service our patients, our prices are all-inclusive.  These prices include Dr. Graham’s surgical fee, implants, anesthesia, and hospital or surgery center costs.  Dr. Graham operates out of both FF Thompson Hospital in Canandaigua and Linden Oaks Surgery Center in Rochester.

At the bottom of the page you will find Dr. Graham’s “Concierge” pricing for those without insurance, out of network, or those with high deductible plans who wish to save money by paying outside of the insurance system. These are conditions/procedures that Dr. Graham can manage in his office surgery suite, thereby saving time and expense.



Cosmetic Consult $100 (this will be applied to the cost of your surgery)
Skin Care Consultation Complimentary with other consultation, $100 for skin consultation alone ($50 goes toward product purchase)
Abdominoplasty $6500 (includes garments)
Mommy Makeover $11000 (with augmentation or mastopexy)     $13500 (with augmentation and mastopexy)
Blepharoplasty $2000 (in-office upper)   $3500 (hospital-upper)    $4000 (hospital-lower)     $6000 (hospital-both)
Breast Augmentation $5000 (includes silicone implants, garments) **limited time offer at this price**
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) $7000
Breast Reduction $8000
Browlift $5000
Brow + Upper Blepharoplasty $7200
Gynecomastia $4500 or $3000 in office
Labiaplasty $4000
Liposuction $4000 for one area,  $6000 for up to three areas,  $8500 for up to five areas
Lower Body Lift $11000 (includes overnight hospital stay if needed)
Thigh Lift $6000
Otoplasty $4500
Panniculectomy $7000
Rhinoplasty $7000
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) $6000



Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport $15 per unit (Average price per area – Brow $240, Forehead $300, Crows feet $240)           INCLUDES FREE TOUCH-UPS WITHIN FIRST 1-2 WEEKS
Restylane-L,Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft 1.0 cc $600
Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC 1.0 cc $600
Juvederm Voluma 1.0 cc $800
Radiesse 1.5 cc $700
Fat Injections to face/hands $2000 for the first session,  $1000 for additional sessions
Kybella (Double Chin fat treatment) $1200 for first treatment,  $1000 for each additional treatment


Additional Services-Concierge(non-insurance)

Facial laceration repair(emergency) Case by case basis
Trigger Finger $500  (no surgery-includes steroid injection x 2), $1200 (if surgery needed)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome $2000 (from initial evaluation to completion of surgery for an open carpal tunnel release performed in office)
Hand Tendon Repair $1000 (extensor tendon repair)  $2000 (flexor tendon repair)                                  May need therapy which incurs additional cost
Hand Trauma (emergency) Case by case basis
Skin Cancer Excision – face with repair Simple – $750, Complex – $1500 (Pathology costs additional $230)
Ear lobe repair $400 one side ($700 for both), Additional $500 charge for gauge deformity repair
Benign lesion or mole removal $400 per lesion
Skin tag removal $250 for up to 6 tags, $25 per additional tag
Pathology analysis (upon request) added to benign lesion excision $230