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Cyst and Lipoma Removal

Cyst and Lipoma Removal

Sometimes we develop unsightly lumps and bumps, such as cysts and lipomas,  in very obvious locations, or experience discomfort from these lumps and bumps. Some of these masses can even become infected. For these reasons, cyst or lipoma excision is often necessary.  Types of masses we remove are listed below.

  • Lipomas: Also known as fatty tumors, are benign lesions composed of fat cells.
  • Sebaceous Cysts: Masses that form when the sebaceous glands of the skin become blocked. These are firm, round, and can sometimes drain. They are common on the back and neck.
  • Pilar Cysts: Cysts on scalp that orginate from hair root
  • Miscellaneous: On occasion we encounter a mass that is atypical, such masses are easily managed, but may require sending the tissue to a pathologist.

Cyst and Lipoma Removal Procedure

At Graham Plastic Surgery we excise these masses in our state of the art surgical suite. These masses are removed as part of our Rogue Clinic Program, where we offer a transparent cash price, which is lower than competing hospitals. Due to our low overhead our patients typically can save greater than 50% using this technique. Due to our superior skill and processes we find that we remain profitable while also saving your hard-earned money.

Typically, these lesions can be removed via a simple linear or ellipse excision, which leaves a small linear scar. We use local anesthesia, and sometimes nitrous oxide for anesthesia. This method is less painful and results in less waste than going to a hospital or surgery center. The small needle we use is much smaller than the IV needle the nurse or anesthesiologist uses to give more aggressive forms of anesthesia. Also, our methods allow you to drive to and from your appointment and you can eat and drink whatever you want prior to surgery. There is little to no pain or recovery time.

Will my insurance pay for lump and bump removal?

Yes, but you will pay significantly more money and will spend much more time at the surgeon’s office  through your insurance plan. At Graham Plastic Surgery we offer that  patients pay a lower cash rate for this procedure. We offer a low cash price as it is more convenient and less costly to our patients, and also alleviates our hassle dealing with the insurance companies. Often times, due to high deductible health plans, for which over 80% of Americans never meet their deductible,  you are paying out of pocket for this procedure. We think it ethical to offer a reasonable price. You can even use your HSA/FSA funds to pay for surgery.

We also combine your consultation and excision in a single visit, whereas due to insurance preauthorization rules, going through your insurance may require 2-3 visits to your surgeon’s office.

What is the recovery time following cyst and lipoma removal?

You will usually be able to return to regular activities immediately after lesion removal. You can shower in 24 hours, however no soaking of the incision or swimming for 1 month.

How much does cyst removal cost? How much does lipoma removal cost?

The national average price for cyst removal is between $500-1000. Graham Plastic Surgery will do it for less, as we have lower overhead, and we can do a higher volume at a lower price. Dr. Graham’s cyst removal price can be found here.