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BodyBody Contouring Procedures

Plastic surgery of the body encompasses a wide range of procedures all designed to help you look and feel your best. Typically, body contouring surgery is done to give more balance to your figure and to restore confidence.

Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Plastic Surgery is often necessary for removal of extra skin after losing weight. This is becoming more common after weight loss drugs such as Wegovy or Ozempic. Patients present with extra skin of the abdomen, arms, and breasts. There are specific surgeries that can be done to improve these deformities.

What Type of Breast and Body Plastic Surgeries Are Performed at Graham Plastic Surgery?

Body contouring procedures we offer include:

Body Contouring Candidates

The primary anatomic sites addressed in body contouring surgery are the abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and arms. There are three main groups who typically present for body contouring:

Young and Healthy, but Wanting Balance

This group of people have isolated areas of imbalance in their body shape that just need a little modification. These people look good, but they just feel they can look a little better. These patients may just need a little bit of liposuction, a small amount or skin excision, or maybe a little fat augmentation.

Post-Pregnancy Body

These patients have sacrificed their bodies to have children. They often have extra skin, muscle separation, or stubborn fat pockets that can’t be fixed with diet or exercise. Body contouring surgery such as tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, or mommy makeover can restore their pre-baby form and give a huge boost in self confidence.

Post-Massive Weight Loss

These patients have either had bariatric surgery or have lost their excess weight through diet and exercise. Either way, they’ve sacrificed and worked hard to lose the excess weight and take control of their health. Unfortunately, despite losing the weight they are often left with an unattractive and stretched skin envelope. Body contouring surgery such as tummy tuck, body lift, brachioplasty, breast lift, and thigh lift can completely transform their appearance and allow them to see all they’ve worked for. These can be truly life changing surgeries. In addition, studies have shown the weight loss patients do a better job keeping the weight off if they’ve had body contouring surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Graham to Perform Your Plastic Surgery

Dr. Graham has extensive experience in body contouring surgery.  During his training he performed a very large number of body contouring cases due to a close affiliation with a large surgical weight loss center. During this time he was able to fine tune his technique to give superior cosmetic results. His expertise and attention to detail is second to none. He is committed to his patients and won’t leave the operating room until he has achieved the perfect result.