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Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein TreatmentLaser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein Treatment is a state of the art way to eliminate small blood vessels in the skin. Graham Plastic Surgery has 2  lasers that are solely dedicated to removing these unsightly blemishes. The new Rohrer VeinGo 532 nm laser targets small superficial vessels on the face and neck, while the 1064 nm long pulsed YAG laser targets vessels up to 3 mm in the extremities, improving the appearance of vascular lesions and spider veins on the face and extremities.  An advantage of coming to Graham Plastic Surgery is our exclusive method of adding PRO-NOX™ Nitrous oxide therapy to your treatment. This safe mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen helps alleviate any pain or anxiety involved with the procedure. It is completely safe and wears off in minutes, allowing you to drive to and from your appointment. The nitrous oxide is completely optional, but why experience unnecessary pain if you don’t have to?

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How Does Laser Vein Treatment Work?

During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the hemoglobin within the blood that is contained inside the blood vessel. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the vessel, resulting in it’s dissappearance. This is only effective for blood vessels that are small and near the skin. Deeper or larger blood vessels cannot be heated enough by the laser to result in destruction.

The Laser Vein Treatment Procedure

You will arrive at Graham Plastic Surgery and have a full skin assessment by one of our registered aesthetic nurses. You will express your concerns and a full treatment plan tailored to your needs will be developed. You can then schedule your laser vein  treatment. On the day of your procedure you will be ushered into one of our clean and state of the art treatment rooms. You will then be given optional PRO-NOX™nitrous oxide therapy to assist with any pain and anxiety you may experience during the procedure. You will be given eyewear and your treatment will begin. Total treatment time depends on area treated, but average treatment times are 15-60 minutes.

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser Vein Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks associated with laser vein removal?

Possible laser hair removal side effects include:

  • Mild swelling
  • Pigment changes may occur, especially in those with darker skin. These changes are usually temporary
  • Redness of the skin with potential for blistering
  • Temporary irritation resulting in blistering, crusting, scarring or other changes in skin texture

Special care must be taken for those with darker skin. A less intensive laser should be used to avoid damaging the outer skin.

How do I prepare for my laser vein treatment procedure?

1. Discontinue medications or supplements that may thin your blood one week prior to vein treatments to minimize bruising and improve the success of your treatment. This includes fish oil, flax seed oil, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve), and red wine. If you are taking aspirin electively and not upon the advice of your physician, then you may stop it for 48 hours prior to your treatment. Do not stop aspirin if prescribed or recommended by your physician. 

2. You may wish to bring a pair of shorts to wear during your treatment if you are having your legs treated. 

3. If facial veins are being treated, there may be minor bruising and/or swelling following treatment. This can typically be covered using make-up. Plan accordingly since your face may show slight evidence of the laser treatment for a week or more. 

4. If leg veins are being treated, there may be minor bruising, discoloration, and welting over treatment sites. Larger leg veins may appear bruised for a period of time after treatment. Full results can take weeks or months to be realized. Plan and schedule treatments accordingly, allowing for healing time and time for your treatment results to evolve to completion. The best time to treat leg veins are in fall, winter and spring when you are less inclined to wear shorts or be exposed to sun. 

5. Plan treatments allowing for a period of no sun exposure, vigorous activity or use of hot tubs, saunas or spas for 48 hours after treatment. 

Is laser vein treatment painful?

Laser vein patients have minimal pain. Our vascular laser has a cooling device to minimize pain. As a medical practice we are also able to offer strong topical and injectable anesthetics. Lastly, unlike a hair salon and unique to a medical practice, Graham Plastic Surgery is able to offer Pro-Nox nitrous oxide as a treatment to relieve pain and anxiety associated with the procedure.

Are there instructions for after my laser vein treatment?

1. Avoid sun exposure and wear SPF 30 sunblock for one month after treatment on all treated areas that may be exposed to the sun. 

2. Cold compresses may be applied to reduce redness and swelling. 

3. Expect blistering after treatment. Apply antibiotic ointment to raw areas daily. 

4. Treatment areas should be gently washed twice per day with tepid water and mild soap. 

5. Post Treatment, Do Not:

  • Exercise for 3 days after treatment.
  • Use alcohol, aspirin, Advil, or any blood thinners for 5 days.
  • Take hot showers, baths, use hot tubs or saunas for 5 days.
  • Pick or peel, allow skin to heal without intervention

Post Treatment Expectations:

  • Expect some redness and swelling, which may convert to “cat scratch” scab for 8-12 weeks.
  • Leg vein resolution usually takes about 8-12 weeks. At the end of this process, some vessels may be gone while others may be lighter or not affected.

What are the benefits of using PRO-NOX™?

Calm comfort is the number one benefit, but PRO-NOX™ offers a number of advantages:

  • Time-tested for a wide range of procedures
  • Patient control allows immediate response to pain and anxiety
  • Takes effect in seconds
  • Short recovery time with minimal side effects
  • Safe for the duration of any procedure

PRO-NOX™ clears from the body in just minutes, allowing you to get on with your life as usual. The gas remains in the body for only about five minutes, so patients can even safely drive home after having PRO-NOX™.

Why should I choose Graham Plastic Surgery to perform my laser vein removal?

Graham Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Graham adheres to the highest standards in safety and efficacy. We take pride in understanding the anatomy and physiology of the vascular system. We also fully understand laser technology and physiology. There is no better facility to get a laser procedure.

How frequently will I need laser vein treatments?

Treatment frequency will depend on the size and location of the veins. New veins may also arise. Typically 1-2 treatments are enough.

How much does laser vein treatment cost?

The price for laser vein treatment can vary greatly. Our everyday laser vein treatment price is always fair and transparent. You can see Dr. Graham’s laser vein treatment pricing here.