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GPS Surgery Suite

The GPS Surgery SuiteGPS Surgery Suite

Graham Plastic Surgery is proud to offer all of our surgeries in our on-site state of the art surgical suite. This suite was custom designed by Dr. Graham, keeping patient safety and quality at the forefront. The suite has met the rigorous national accreditation standards of the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare-AAAHC, as well as the New York State Standards for Ambulatory Office Surgery. These are the same safety and quality standards held by hospital-owned surgical centers. However, at Graham Plastic Surgery we feel the hospital standard is insufficient. We hold ourselves to even higher standards of Safety, Quality, and not least of all, the Patient Experience.

  • Safety
    • The Data: Contrary to popular belief, it is safer to perform many outpatient surgical procedures in an office-based surgical suite versus a hospital. In an Aesthetic Surgery Journal article published in 2017, outcomes of 183, 914 plastic surgery procedures across different types of accredited surgery facilities were compared. Surgeries performed at Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers(ASC’s), and Office-Based Surgery Suites were analyzed. This powerful study showed that complication rates in Office-Based Surgical Suites(1.3%), were 26% lower than Ambulatory Surgery Centers(1.9%) , and 80% lower than those performed at Hospitals(2.4%). This seems rational when you consider the presence of COVID-19 and dangerous bacteria that contaminate large teaching hospitals and high volume Ambulatory Surgical Centers.
    • The Equipment: The Graham Plastic Surgery Suite was designed by a surgeon, for surgeons. There is no purchasing department or hospital executive determing what equipment can be used. Any craftsman needs the proper tools to provide a quality product. Of all things, surgery should not be the exception. As a result of this philosophy, our surgical suite has bright lights, a spacious floor plan, and state of the art equipment.
    • The Staff: This is the most important component of safety. A hospital is just a building, but it’s quality people that make it a healthcare facility. At Graham Plastic Surgery, we hire only the best people.  Our anesthesiologists are all board certified and have over 20 years of experience providing anesthesia services. We do not use CRNA’s, as even though they are well qualified, we only accept the highest standards of safety and experience. Our nursing staff is also second to none. Our seasoned nurses all have experience in ambulatory surgery, and were rigorously selected for their competency, disposition, and compassion for their patients.
  • QualityGPS Surgery Suite
    • At Graham Plastic Surgery we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. It is not just a job, it is our passion. We don’t just compare ourselves to other practices in New York, but to any practice anywhere. We feel that we don’t just meet a higher standard, but we set it. This is not just a philosophy, but  a promise that we have to live up to, and one we make to each one of our patients.  Along those lines, we hire only the best people, limit the number of cases we do each day to ensure everyone has optimal energy, and provide a boutique one-on-one experience for each patient.
  • Experience
    • To use a coffee analogy, a hospital simply provides coffee grounds( a commodity), our competitors serve you a cup at a diner(a service), but we want to be a Starbucks experience(an experience).  From the time a patient schedules their surgery to their last follow up visit, we want the experience to be positive and unique. This is why our facility is inviting, clean, and well-designed, and our staff and their processes are at a platinum level.

Surgical Suite Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the surgical suite?

Graham Plastic Surgery is located at:

129 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445

Parking is located in the public lot across the street or in spaces directly in front of the building. Handicap spots and a pull through loading and unloading area are available for patient discharge.

When do I need to arrive for my surgery?

You will be called by a nurse 4-7 days prior to your surgery informing you of arrival time and any preoperative instructions. You will typically arrive 45-60 minutes prior to your surgery time in order to check paperwork, start an IV, and do any appropriate exams/testing.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

First of all, if an emergency occurs you are in better hands at our suite than at most hospitals. The highly-experienced and committed staff at our office surgical suite is vastly superior to that at a busy teaching hospital. However, should an elevated level of care be needed, similar to hospital owned ambulatory  surgery centers, transfer to a hospital is straightforward. In addition, all credentialed physicians have admitting privileges to local hospitals.

GPS Surgery Suite