Customized Skin Care Program

shutterstock_9360046Don’t Be Confused by the Cosmetics Industry, be Empowered

Graham Plastic Surgery has partnered with Skin Type Solutions™ to offer the highest quality skin care products and skin care education.  At our surgery practice, we are highly focused on delivering therapies that produce results and value.  Developed by world famous Miami Beach dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann, this system was painstakingly developed after years of research to both help people better take care of their skin, and to give them a guide to navigate the cosmetics industry.  Instead of trying random products, or those that work for your friends, with this system you can learn your individual skin type and have direction when you choose your skin care products.

About Skin Type Solutions

Did you know that 80% of people are wrong about their skin type?

Skin Type Solutions™ is a scientifically-derived resource developed and powered by dermatologists from around the world to provide unbiased and credible information for consumers and the beauty industry. It is based on Miami Beach dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann’s revolutionary skin typing system that was developed after years of clinical research. This skin typing system has been validated in several dermatologic journals and appears in multiple dermatology textbooks.  As opposed to the more generic Fitzpatrick and Glogau skin typing systems, which focus only on pigment or wrinkling, this system types people based on 4 different factors which, when combined, produce 16 different specific skin types.  This skin-typing system is the new gold standard for skin typing in the dermatology world and has evolved from Dr. Baumann’s many years of scientific study, validation, and presence at the forefront of cosmetic dermatology research.

Our goal is to empower you to make excellent skincare decisions.  The first step is to correctly identify which of the 16 Baumann Skin Types you have.  This is completed via a 3 minute questionnaire. The questionnaire to determine your skin type took a team of physicians and PhDs years to perfect and scientifically validate.  During it’s development, this system was tested in over 100,000 people from 5 different countries.  In addition, the quiz has been in use at the University of Miami Dermatology Department for several years, with outstanding results.

Graham Plastic Surgery is your Credible Source to Identify Your Skin Type and for Global Advice on Skincare Products.  With our resources, you can discover:

- Your personal skin type profile and explanations as to why your skin acts the way it does
- The products most suitable for your skin type
- Reviews of skincare products on or poised to enter the market
- Dietary and lifestyle advice for beautiful skin
- Updates on new cosmetic procedures such as Botox, lasers, fillers and other treatments
- Seasonal skincare advice and travel tips to ensure good skin when you travel

Learn from the leading dermatologists around the world.  Dr. Baumann and the other physicians of the esteemed Global Cosmetic Dermatology Advisory Group have years of experience as dermatologists, researchers, scientists and professors.  The continually updated Skin Type Solutions protocol makes it easy for us to educate you about your skin’s characteristics and specific needs.  Your skin is unique and we develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

Our Product Offering

Graham Plastic Surgery does not endorse one or even two specific product lines.  We offer select products from several different brands. Each product or combination of products are clinically tested to be effective for your skin type.  We carry the most efficacious products from each skin care line, as painstakingly researched by highly educated dermatology professionals.  This advanced knowledge allows us to offer an “All-Star Team” of skin care products that spans multiple different brands.
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