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The Rogue Clinic

Make Healthcare Great Again

What Is the Rogue Clinic?The Rogue Clinic

The Rogue Clinic is a cash-based clinic for common skin and hand procedures. We are able to perform many procedures, such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release and tumor excisions in our state of the art surgical suite. We pride ourselves in having lower overhead and higher quality than our competition. The goal is to create competitive pricing for surgical services, thus driving down healthcare costs and improving quality of care. This is similar to any free market economy, why should healthcare be any different?This literally saves thousands of dollars for individuals who self pay for healthcare or  have high deductible insurance plans, and for businesses that self fund their health insurance plans.

Why the Rogue Clinic?

We value liberty and personal choice. Prices in healthcare have little bearing to actual healthcare costs. These rising prices are becoming more and more relevant to the consumer as premiums, copays, and deductibles rise. We want to provide the consumer with a competitively priced option that breaks the high priced monopolies created by local hospital systems. After all,  according to the Kaiser Family Foundation 80% of people in the US never meet their health insurance deductible, meaning 80% of people are paying cash for their healthcare needs. We want to make sure this 80% gets a fair price.

What Services are offered by the Rogue Clinic?

Dr. Graham is double trained as a Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon. We currently offer many skin, soft tissue, and hand surgeries. However, as we have a full operating suite and recovery area, we hope to add more surgical services in the future.A brief list of our services and pricing is listed below.

**Pricing only available for cash pay. Insurance prices are higher. HSA/FSA can be used.

  • Lipoma, cyst, and any lump or bump on body/scalp
    • <2  inches-$500
    • 2-4 inches-$1000
    • >4 inches-$1500
  • Cysts on the face-$750
  • Cysts on fingers-$750
  • Facial skin lesion removal with cosmetic closure  $600 for first lesion, $300 each additional
  • Skin Cancer Removal and Closure $2000 (additional pathology fees may apply)
  • Emergency Laceration Closure $2000
  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release  $2500
  • Cubital Tunnel Release $2000
  • Wrist Cyst Removal $2000
  • Trigger Finger Release $1500
  • Hand Tendon Repair $2000