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Graham Plastic Surgery Dermatology Services

Our Rochester, NY Dermatology Offerings are a cash-based service for common skin and hand procedures. We offer services such as skin biopsies, skin lesion removal, mass removal, lipoma removal, and skin cancer treatment for a fixed cash price. We also add value by getting you in much sooner than a hospital employed dermatologist. You get a premium service for a lower price.

Why Pay Cash for Dermatology Services?

We want to add value to the Rochester Healthcare Community. Prices in healthcare are rising rapidly and access to providers is becoming limited. These rising prices are becoming more and more relevant to the consumer as premiums, copays, and deductibles rise. Also, people are being asked to wait several months to be seen by specialists. This is poor service and may delay the diagnosis of skin cancers. We want to provide the consumer with a competitively priced option that breaks the high priced monopolies created by local hospital systems and we want to do so with a more premium service.  Paradoxically, we provide a premium service at a better cost. We charge less than what you would pay through insurance and we can get you in for an appointment much sooner.

For example:

                           Pricing Comparison Between Graham Plastic Surgery and Hospital Employed Dermatologist (Example is Simple Lipoma Excision)


**Example does not include pathology fees for either group. Nor does it include surgical center or facility fees for hospital-employed surgeon. Table above is underestimation of actual hospital related fees.

What Types of Dermatology Services are offered by Graham Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Graham is double trained as a Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon. We currently offer many skin, soft tissue, and hand surgeries. A brief list of our services and pricing is listed below.

**Pricing only available for cash pay. HSA/FSA can be used.

  • Shave Biopsy-$250(does not include pathology fees)
    • Each additional-$50
  • Punch Biopsy-$300(does not include pathology fees)
    • Each additional-$65
  • Lipoma, cyst, and any lump or bump on body/scalp
    • <2  inches-$500
    • 2-4 inches-$1000
    • >4 inches-$1500
  • Cysts on the face-$750
  • Cysts on fingers-$750
  • Cysts on the wrist-$1000-2000
  • Facial skin lesion removal with cosmetic closure -$600 for first lesion, $300 each additional(additional pathology fees may apply)
  • Skin Cancer Removal and Closure $1000-2000 (additional pathology fees may apply)
  • Emergency Laceration Closure $2000

Why Choose Dr. Graham to Perform Your Dermatological Procedure?

Dr. Graham has extensive experience in dermatology. Plastic Surgeons are all skilled in skin surgery and skin cancer. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You will get no better results than those achieved at Graham Plastic Surgery.