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At What Age Can I Get a Rhinoplasty?

Middle and high school can be a very difficult time. The body is changing especially your face. Your sinuses continue to grow which expands your face. Your jaw (especially for boys) begins to increase in size. Your nose changes shape and enlarges along with your face. In addition, people become more self aware of their flaws and are also increasingly ready to point out flaws in others.

Because of these physical changes, many of our rhinoplasty patients are teenagers who express displeasure with the appearance of their noses. If you’re unhappy with your nose, every time you look in the mirror you may notice only that feature. On Social Media photos, all you see is your nose. It’s an overwhelming feeling and one that may easily make you self-conscious. Although your friends and family say your nose is just fine, ultimately it is you who wears it each day. It is you who decides if it is a displeasing feature. This feeling may come and go, but ultimately the uneasiness will typically persist. It affects your confidence and the way you carry about your daily life. This is natural and understandable.

At What Age is Rhinoplasty a Good Option?

This is a common question asked by teens and their parents. The answer is that it depends. The nose, specifically the septum (the wall that separates the two sides of the nose) serves as the focal point or center for midfacial growth. Prematurely disturbing this growth center could lead to abnormal development of the face. Therefore, it is essential that a facial surgeon evaluate your facial growth and assure that it is an appropriate time to consider a rhinoplasty. Most teenage girls can have rhinoplasty approximately one year after their menarche. This is around age 16 years old. Teenage boys are more variable, but usaully lag behind in development. Their rhinoplasty surgery can typically be performed successfully by age 18. Dr. Graham will perform rhinoplasties on females at age 16 years old and on males at 18 years old. 

What Is The Rhinoplasty Consultation Process?

When preparing for your surgery, not only will we evaluate you from a physical perspective, but also from a psychological one. Rhinoplasty patients must be of mature stature and have reasonable expectations. There is not such thing as perfection in rhinoplasty. Perfection is a filter. Your nose will be better, but never perfect.  These physical and emotional components are qualities that Dr. Graham will evaluate during your consultation and take into account before agreeing to proceed with your surgery.

Choose a Rhinoplasty Expert?

It is important that you choose a Plastic Surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is a field all in itself. It is considered by many Plastic Surgeons to be the most difficult of all procedures. To be proficient in rhinoplasty requires a very specific skill set and a prolific knowledge of rhinoplasty techniques. It is a finesse surgery that takes time and a commitment to perfection. Patients should be wary of any surgeon who simply  does an “add on” rhinoplasty at the time of septoplasty. Excellent rhinoplasty results take 3-4 hours to achieve.

Dr. David Graham is a rhinoplasty expert. He is a member of the both the American Rhinoplasty Society and Rhinoplasty Society of Europe. He has pursued advanced training with the world’s finest rhinoplasty surgeons, such as Dean Toriumi, Rod Rohrich, Mario Ferraz, and Rick Davis. In addition to traveling all over the US to hone his craft, he has traveled to Italy and Germany to study with the world’s best surgeons. As a result, he is at the forefront of rhinoplasty techniques, including the usage of ultrasonic rhinoplasty. He performs both primary and revision rhinoplasty procedures out of his state of the art surgical suite. 

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